Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My favourite quotes collection-1

Here we go..,

  1. Use words to embrace yourself and your deeds to others – Anonymous.

  2. One who chases two rabbits, catches neither – Anonymous.
  1. Study a baby...she has no limits. Her mind is a lush landscape of potential & possibility – Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari.

  2. No question would be stupid...we say so just because we could not answer it or we do not want to answer it -Anonymous.

  3. Quality of your life is determined by quality of your thoughts -Robin Sharma.

  4. Smooth sea never makes a good sailor...To put it in a better way: Rough sea always makes a good sailor -Anonymous.

  5. Ship is safe at shore...but it is not made for that purpose – Anonymous.
  1. Fall in love!! … need not be with opposite sex alone..with your work/place/people/relatives/nature/ etc -Anonymous.
  1. LOVE : Loss Of Valuable Energy ! Lose it for one who/which is worth it for you -Anonymous.
  1. Sound soul in a sound mind & body – Anonymous.

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