Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A few points..from my professional experience,

After having worked 7+ years in IT industry, gained quite a lot of experience from start up companies to Multi National Companies. In all these years encountered variety of people in various positions. Made me jot down couple of points for anyone, in any position(horizontally/vertically).

First of all, we should become better at what we do, every minute, every day. Then the rest of the point follows..

1)Be the other : 
Being best in your role is one thing. On the other hand, before you communicate to a person/group, spend a minute imagining yourself in their position; and consider your expectations when you were them. This is in line with famous quote - "Know your enemy to win the war/battle" :P

To make it more objective - Let's say you are supposed to report to your manager on your daily status. When you do not follow above step; you communicate to him/her just like communicating to any other colleague of same level of experience. This will pour a lot of unnecessary details on manager's audio input port(I mean 'ear' :P) and you can predict what might happen! Instead, imagine yourself as a manager who is supposed to get a status update from your team; what would you expect as a manager? The answer is exactly what you are supposed to be in your status report :)

This principle goes every time you initiate a communication; may be to your colleague/junior/senior/friend/spouse/children/parents etc.

PS: This does not mean one should become people pleaser !

2) Get it done :
First thing first. You are born to get things done. Look around...everything works because everything was done! There is no phone which is full of features but does not make calls! There is no car which has comfy seats,fully automatic control, word class audio, AC and no engine! So, prioritise, get it done. Later you can take back up and redesign while you have working copy as back up.

If you are about to cook a meal, first make main course; then get to cook starters/deserts. (Need not be literally :P ), at least when you are hungry.

3) Optimize :

 Well, you have been the other and you have done what was supposed to be. Now, you are safe. Time to improve! Time to do how it was supposed to be done. This is the time to make a thing perfect. Follow the best principles, make it unbreakable, foolproof, tested. To ensure perfection in the core functionality.

4) Value addition :

Well, you are there. All set. Don't you be happier when you purchase a mobile and got a free service for an year? Or a free utility app from manufacturer? Of course, who is not! Same goes when your job is done; if you add a value on top of it. It could as simple as highlighting important tasks in your daily status report or setting up out of office auto reply with your contact details/alternative contact.

5) Keep intimated :

Simple, yet helps in keeping control. Inform everyone, who needs to be informed, about the things to be informed! So that they know the status and take their actions. End of the story: Do not surprise in office unless you the surprise makes your manager/lead happy :P

> Keep your cup empty - Robin Sharma
> Stay hungry, stay foolish - Steve Jobs.

Best wishes.

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